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Message from the principal

johnruatenbachIt is my pleasure, as Principal, to introduce you to Taumarunui High School. We have a proud tradition of welcoming international students from across the globe to our school, and support every student to feel like they belong in our wonderful part of the world. Our town is centrally positioned between Auckland and Wellington in the Heart of New Zealand’s North Island. Taumarunui is located near the foot of Mount Ruapehu and at the convergence of the Whanganui and Ongarue rivers. Our school is steeped in tradition and opportunity, and we offer a high quality education in a caring, friendly environment.

We have fantastic school grounds, facilities and open areas where our students can relax and socialise. Our classrooms and buildings are regularly upgraded and have high quality equipment to aid learning and teaching and our teachers are passionate and committed.

We believe the people who will be successful in the future are those who are adaptable, who thrive on challenge, who have a strong sense of personal values, and who continue to improve themselves throughout their lives.

Through the New Zealand Curriculum we have had the opportunity to review our teaching and learning programmes and to focus on a range of learning opportunities that meet the needs of our students. We aim to produce young adults who are confident, who are connected to their communities, who strive for excellence and develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

I invite you to become part of a school community prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence and assurance.



John Rautenbach

Meet our head students

Alex - Daniel Ferreira (Head Boy)

Kia Ora, my name is Alex-Daniel Ferreira and I am the head boy of Taumarunui high school for 2015. I was born in Auckland and lived there for many years until we moved down to Taumarunui 5 years ago. I love it here. I have attended Taumarunui high school since year 9 and I have always appreciated the opportunities offered to us alongside academics, such as arts and sports. I myself being not very arty took advantage of the sports and have been on the first 11 football team for 2 years. As head boy I hope to step up, get involved and take leadership, and develop my confidence and leadership for my future. After school I would like to be a pilot in the air force and travel the world. I look forward to a great year and wish you well.


Vaishalee Bhana (Head Girl)

Hey there, my name is Vaishalee Bhana and it is my privilege to welcome you and introduce myself as the Head Girl of Taumarunui High School for 2015. Taumarunui has been my home ever since I was a little baby, and throughout the years, I have grown to love and appreciate so many aspects of our small, beautiful town. This community has taught me so much and I have learnt how to be a lot more adventurous and daring; however most of the time when I am feeling a little less crazy, I will do anything from acting to writing poems and stories. I really enjoy helping others and I feel this process of generosity has developed my positivity and health; so I am adamant that this year will be the greatest opportunity to continue this.

I have never been so excited for the year ahead and I really look forward to taking on the responsibilities of my role. So if you happen to see me around. I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. It would be my pleasure to meet you and talk with you.

Courtland Barton (Deputy Head Boy)

Hi my name is Courtland Barton and I will be Deputy Head Boy 2015. I moved from Auckland to Taumarunui when I was 11. I enjoy playing football, I may not be good at it but, I still enjoy it. Academically I am average and that is something I intend to improve this year. After High School I hope to study video game art at Media Design School in Auckland.

I am looking forward to encouraging fellow students to do their best this year, and looking forward to working with my fellow leaders throughout 2015.


Helena Rika - Mackenzie (Deputy Head Girl)

Hello my name is Helena Rika-Mackenzie. I am deputy head girl for 2015. I grew up in the town of Ohura where I attended Ohura valley primary and Matiere school. During the week I board at the schools hostel. My main interest is sport, my favourites are soccer and volleyball.

I decided to go for a student leader position because I wanted to make the new students first year an exciting and memorable experience that leave them with memories that they will never forget. I also wanted to show them how great our school is with its great academic learning, plenty of sporting opportunities and fun annual events. I feel like Alex,,Vaishalee,,Courtland and I will be a great team who will help make this another great year and I am excited to see what happens.


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